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Escape Velocity

by AZ-RA

Carbon Karma 05:53


Those of the reality
Have lost their way
Now they must listen
To what myth has to say

Recorded and mixed around 2010 UK
Produced by Greg Hunter

Vocal Track 4 : Abu Zeluf - Dunya Yunis

Spoken word samples : SUN RA

thanks to Mauxuam & Vacuum Science

Never be afraid. Ever.
Bill Hicks


released November 11, 2019

These tracks were written after I had an OOBE in 2010 >>>

As I returned into my body, I glimpsed row upon row of golden glowing egg-shaped spheres stretching off into the distance. The spheres were about 3m tall , with a couple of meters in between.There were gantries running between. Attached to the spheres were canisters. Some spheres had only one canister, some had dozens. The canisters were silver, with a yellow radiation-type symbol on the side. A few spheres down, I saw two greyish, spidery aliens, who were removing these canisters from a sphere and putting them into a trolley. The whole vision only lasted literally one or two seconds as i returned into 'my' sphere, and opened my eyes.
I believe that the canisters were collecting what is called Loosh, which is a type of energy humans produce when in a state of anger / fear / suffering. Drug addicts are particularly efficient source of loosh. The only corroboration I have found is in Castaneda, where Don Juan says that humans are golden eggs to those who can 'see'. Robert Monroe also makes reference to loosh in his book "Far Journeys". Although i disagree with Monroes explanation that humans are 'farmed'. I suspect that loosh is used as ordnance for some kind of weapon, assuming it exists of course > The entire episode could well have been a subjective ego projection. Still, I thought it best to share this experience, which hopefully may be of some benefit to someone.




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